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The website is not intended for use by children under the age of sixteen, who are also prohibited from creating an account or otherwise providing their personal information.

  1. a) Data Controller

Packstyle S.r.l., with registered office at via Fiorolle, 10/A, 36060 Romano d'Ezzelino (VI), Italy, e-mail address (“Packstyle”), is the company which, in its capacity as data Controller, collects and processes your personal data through the website (“Website”), pursuant to Regulation (EU) 679/2016 General Data Protection Regulation (the “Regulation”).

  1. b) Processing purposes

The data you are providing us by filling out this electronic form, as well as any data relating to your purchases, are necessary to:

(1)   register with the Website, create your personal account and grant you access to reserved areas;

(2)   allow you to purchase products on the Website even without registering and manage any of your purchase orders, together with the associated contractual relationship concluded with you (including providing you with advance notice of any delays in shipping or problems handling the order); and

(3)   comply with obligations pursuant to law (e.g., tax-related, invoice accounting, record keeping and accounting records) and exercise the rights arising from the contract concluded with you. 

(4) to invite you via email to fill in surveys on your experience and level of satisfaction regarding the products you have purchased or the services you have used (e.g. our customer support). You will always be free not to complete the survey.

Moreover, subject to your consent, your data – together with any other data we might draw from the browsing data, from an analysis of your purchases and Website use – may be processed to:

(5) analyse your interests, your purchasing preferences and your website browsing so as to improve our commercial and service-related offers and your browsing experience; as well as to

(6)  update you - by telephone, mail, through an operator or electronic tools (e.g. newsletter, e-mail, sms, instant messages, posts, messages or communications of social network initiatives, etc.) - about our products, services (e.g. purchasing methods, home delivery, etc.) or initiatives (e.g. competitions), including by sending you advertising and promotional material, in order also to conduct market researches, via customised communications based on your interests and your purchasing habits.

The legal basis for processing your data will be the execution of a contractual relationship, our legitimate interest in providing you with services and improving your website experience, compliance with the associated legal obligations and your consent, if any (see paragraph c). The processing shall take place in compliance with the legal provisions in force, as subsequently amended and/or supplemented, issued in relation to this subject matter by the Italian Personal Data Protection Authority.

The content of the purchase contract is stored by Packstyle and may be requested, along with a copy of the terms and conditions of sale, by notice to be sent to the contact numbers referred to in paragraph i) of the privacy policy. The details pertaining to the most recent orders are available in your Customer Area, in case of registered User.

  1. c) Consent

To be able to know your interests, as well as your purchase and Website use preferences (and thereby improve our commercial offers and services or providing you with offers in line with your interests), update you on our products, services and initiatives, send advertising and promotional material, including customised material, or conduct market researches (purposes 5 and 6), we need your explicit consentIf you do not intend granting your consent, you may nevertheless register with the Website and proceed with your purchases (purposes 1, 2 and 3). You are free to revoke your consent at any time (see paragraph i) by writing to, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing preceding the revocation.

Please note: should you revoke the consent to being contacted for customised advertising/promotional communications, for market researches as well (purpose 5), you would no longer receive any type of communication by whichever means.

  1. d) Mandatory data and optional data

We ask you to provide all the data marked as “mandatory” as they are necessary to register or to manage your purchases, if any; failure to fill them out or filling them out incompletely may result in the registration or your purchases not being finalised. Failure to fill out the data marked as “optional” will simply disable us from using these data for the purposes for which you granted your consent.

  1. e) Processing methods

Your data will be processed mainly electronically to manage your registration and your purchase orders and grant you reserved discounts, keeping into account your expenditure volumes (the amount of your purchases). 

For the purposes of managing your orders, we may also contact you to provide updates (e.g. on logistical aspects) and to manage any necessary interventions as best as possible.

If you grant us your consent, we will be able to analyse your data (e.g., data about your purchases, website use – including which pages you visit, the products you insert in your cart, etc.), to try and figure out your tastes and your wishes, and thereby improve ourselves and be in a position to also send you customised offers. More specifically, if you grant us your consent to use your data for purposes 5 and 6, your data will be organised and processed in an automated manner, thereby allowing us to learn your purchase and Website use habits/propensities (e.g., by checking which products you have purchased), adjust our commercial offer and, if need be, update you via customised communications (including by means of newsletter or social network) about our products (e.g. latest news), services (e.g. purchasing methods, home delivery, etc.) and initiatives (e.g. competitions), or send you promotions and/or discounts that meet your interests, as well as to take part in market researches (e.g. by telephone contact, e-mail, etc.).

We wish to specify that all our analysis of your data and preferences will not take place exclusively in automated form, but will always entail the intervention and assessment of persons tasked with processing.
If you choose to send us your opinion on our products and our service by filling out any surveys sent to your attention, your review may be published on the Website to guarantee the quality of our services and help other uses in their purchases.

The data will always be processed in compliance with the legislation in force, and in any event in such a manner as to ensure their security and confidentiality and prevent their dissemination or unauthorised use, their alteration or destruction.

  1. f) Storage period

Your data will be processed throughout the validity of your registration with the Website and based on the consent granted by you, without prejudice to the possibility of revoking (see paragraph i) of the privacy policy) your consent at any given time, and will be subsequently destroyed or anonymised (except for their storage in compliance with legal obligations or administrative-accounting purposes or for the exercise of judicial rights).

If you accept the invitation to complete one of the surveys on your experience and level of satisfaction regarding the products you have purchased or the services you have used, your impressions and opinions will be stored for a maximum of 12 months, and then deleted or anonymised. 

The details of your purchases, however, will be held for analysis (purpose 5) or marketing (purpose 6) purposes, for a period of time consistent with the processing purposes specified above. For more information, contact us using the details given in point i). This limitation does not apply to data concerning legal entities.

  1. g) Processing recipients

Your data may be transmitted to the following third parties (ex art. 4, point 10 of the Regulation), where provided for, appointed as External Data Processors: (i) Legal, tax and accounting consultants; (ii) credit institutions; (iii) insurance companies and brokers; (iv) companies providing services instrumental to the execution of the contract with you (e.g. delivery services); (v) agent; (vi) credit transfer companies.

Your data may also become known to us (limited to their respective areas of competence): (i) the Internal Managers, (ii) the persons in charge of the Management; (iii) the persons authorized to process data belonging to the following Departments/Offices.

The names of all the external Data Processors may be requested by means of a communication to be sent to the addresses indicated below.

In order to enable registration, management of your purchases and, if you have granted your consent, pursuit of the additional purposes 5 and 6, your data might come to the knowledge (solely within their respective areas of competence) of the persons authorised for the processing and the internal data Processor of the Marketing and Customer Care Departments of Packstyle S.r.l., and also, in a capacity as external data Processors, of the companies that provide services to us for Website or purchase management or that will conduct marketing activities on our behalf.

Other companies in our Group will also have access to your data for the internal management and administration of services offered to customers (e.g. order management and accounting, the provision of products and services, product range management and commercial development). A list of all the companies in the Group can be requested by sending a message to the details below.

Without prejudice to the publication on the Website of the reviews concerning our products and services that you may send us if you choose to fill out the surveys sent to your attention, your data will not be disseminated.

  1. h) Transmission of data outside the EA

To enable us to manage our Website correctly, Packstyle will transfer your personal data to countries not belonging to the European Union, such as USA.

In addition, the processing Recipients mentioned in paragraph g) above may transfer your data to countries not belonging to the European Union in the context of the execution of the activities carried out on behalf of the Company and exclusively for the purposes outlined in this privacy policy.

In either case, the transfer of your data shall take place in full compliance with the warranties, the provisions and the rights laid down by the legislation on privacy. Upon a simple request (see paragraph i) of the privacy policy), you may receive more information on the transfer of your data and on the warranties provided for their protection.

  1. i) Your rights*

By notice to be sent to the Head of the Customer Care Department, at the office of Packstyle S.r.l. situated in via Fiorolle, 10/A, 36060 Romano d'Ezzelino (VI), Italy, e-mail you may at any time exercise the rights set out in Articles 15 to 23 of the Regulation, including requesting information on which data we are processing, in which manner and for which purpose we are using them, amending the data you have provided us or erasing them, asking us to limit use of your data, and requesting receipt or transmission of your data to another data controller, always without prejudice to the possibility of amending or revoking your consent.

In addition, pursuant to Article 21 of the Regulation, you may always object to the processing of your data carried out, in particular, for purposes of direct marketing or analysis of your preferences.

  1. j) Complaint to the Authority in charge of your personal data protection

We remind you that, should you be dissatisfied with the replies received from Packstyle (pursuant to paragraph i) here above), you may in any event, if you believe that the processing related to your person infringes the provisions of either the Regulation, lodge a complaint with the Authority for your personal data protection (, or with the Data Protection Authority of the country in which you habitually reside or work or where the alleged breach occurred.

  1. k) Applicable law

The processing of your data will take place pursuant to Regulation (EU) 679/2016 General Data Protection Regulation and D.Lgs 196/2003 Protection of Personal Data Code.


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