The aroma distinguishes your coffee, our bags protect it

Whether in powder or beans, we are always looking for new solutions to preserve the delicate aroma of coffee and keep it intact over time. Packstyle knows the insidious enemies of your blends and preserves them to guarantee a coffee as if it was freshly roasted, for more than six months.

CoffeeReccomended size


11x19+7 (cm)
13x22+7 (cm)
15x25+7 (cm)
19x26+11 (cm)
751-1000gr24x31+10 (cm)


The elimination of oxygen helps to maintain the coffee's aroma over time. This is why our bags are designed for vacuum packing.


The bags can be fitted with a convenient resealable zip and a one-way degassing valve to expel the internal gases normally produced by coffee.


The Italian Espresso Institute has certified that our aluminium packaging and aluminium paper offer a total barrier to light, the enemy of the coffee's surface oils, and guarantee the preservation of the aroma without contaminating it.


The plastic film, the recyclable film, and the recyclable paper have an EVOH barrier that insulates the environment inside the pouch from oxygen and moisture.

Our pouches have many advantages, here are just a few...

For small and large roasters

For small and large roasters

Thanks to the minimum order of 50 pieces, even small producers can protect their blends in a professional and fully customised pack.

Preserving the uniqueness of each speciality

Preserving the uniqueness of each speciality

The delicacy of coffee and its aromatic qualities make it as unique as it is perishable. That is why we have thought of all the accessories necessary to prevent the loss of aroma.

For beans and powders

For beans and powders

Whatever form your coffee takes, Packstyle is ready to receive and protect it with certified quality materials.

The right format for every use

The right format for every use

We know the needs of the market and offer tailor-made solutions. Our formats are ready to hold from 150 g to 1 kg of coffee.

Among the possible combinations here is what we recommend for your blends...

Aluminium paper doypack




Aluminium doypack

With reclosable zip

Excellent colour rendering


Doypack in film riciclabile metallizzato




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Lorenzo Cogo sceglie il packaging Packstyle per le sue zuppe Loco

Chef Lorenzo Cogo has chosen Packstyle's food doypack pouches for his gourmet soups

Mon, May 13, 2024

Packstyle has always been about more than simply producing flexible packaging according to customers' needs, listening to their requests and responding in a timely manner to find the tailor-made solution for their product. Packstyle continues to closely follow their stories even after the pack of pouches has arrived at its destination. Listening to the experiences of those who have chosen our products always makes us discover something new and seeing their unique and innovative projects realised fills us with pride. As has happened with our other customers, today we tell you the story of an extraordinary culinary talent who chose Packstyle packaging for his prestigious project: Lorenzo Cogo.

Can the packaging affect the taste of coffee?

Mon, May 13, 2024

Challenges do not frighten us; on in fact, we accept them and seek them out with great critical thinking!

Once again, Packstyle pouches were involved in a coffee-related experiment involving 19 tasters and three different types of packaging... we tell you about what happened!

Mamasili: African biodiversity excellence preserved in Packstyle packaging

Mon, May 13, 2024

Today's interview takes us to the evocative atmospheres of the African continent, a place that Franco Emilio Risso, founder of Mamasili, a physical and virtual retailer of excellent food products of African biodiversity, knows well. 

After two scientific tests, Packstyle packaging preserves coffee optimally even under stressful conditions.

Mon, May 13, 2024

Some time ago we virtually opened the doors of our factory in Romano D'Ezzelino, where Packstyle's flexible packaging takes life. (see How was Packstyle’s packaging born?)
We are indeed very proud to produce our pouches entirely in Italy, thanks to the help of innovative machinery and above all the human contribution of our employees, but our packaging does not stop there: it travels, it goes around the world with the aim of protecting its contents and presenting them professionally to the customer.


Some products are more delicate than others and preserving them as freshly made is our challenge. For example, coffee has special requirements that we have learnt about through experience and know how to meet fully.
We know that coffee fears oxygen and so we have created packaging suitable for vacuum storage. We know that coffee releases internal gases that could cause the packaging to burst, which is why we propose adding a degassing valve to the packaging. We know that light is the enemy of coffee because it changes the surface oils and affects the aroma and that is why our packaging is equipped with a total barrier. 
All these precautions have been improved as a result of the studies and research we are constantly conducting, but the proof of the excellent quality of our packaging were two experiments we recently supported in collaboration with IEI, the Italian Espresso Institute.

In December 2021 we proudly became a member of IEI, we were the first flexible packaging company to subject its packs to IEI tests. (see Anche Packstyle aderisce all’Istituto Espresso Italiano (IEI)).

Our close association with IEI encouraged us to take on two real challenges by subjecting our packaging to two different types of stress.

Packstyle makes custom coffee packaging to protect the aroma of each blend


Coffee, being definitely one of the most easily perishable products, needs to have careful and accurate packaging, in fact the coffee production chain pays more and more attention to the choice of packaging.

The need arises from the need to ensure an optimal shelf life while maintaining the product's characteristics, but also to communicate its brand in an appealing way. 


Flexible packaging for coffee: materials, sizes and accessories


Flexible packaging is the ideal packaging to contain in coffee, bean, powder, but also in modern capsules, because it has multiple advantages.

Doypack pouches are available in different sizes: they hold from 250gr of products, up to a kilo, and for the same weight, flexible packaging is the lightest, most versatile and least bulky.

A variety of materials are available : film, recyclable film, recyclable paper, paper and aluminum and aluminum

pouches can have a matte, glossy or soft touch finish.

To best preserve the coffee, additional accessories are recommended, especially the degassing valve that allows the gas produced by the coffee to escape without damaging the package, but at the same time, does not allow outside agents to enter.

The eurohole is also a useful accessory for coffee packages so that they can be hung on displays. 

The resealable zipper allows the contents that are not immediately consumed to be stored inside the pouch without having to be transferred to another container.

Transparent windows can also be affixed to the doypack pouches in a simple process, explained through a tutorial on the website, to show buyers the product inside the pouches. 

Flexible packaging for coffee is also suitable for vacuum and protected atmosphere packaging.


Flexible packaging for coffee: lightweight, versatile and modern 


Flexible coffee packaging is modern packaging that appeals to consumers on several fronts: this type of packaging allows food to be stored perfectly, the package is easy to open, does not get dirty, and the brand name of the products is clearly visible. Traditional cardboard packages or classic plastic containers take up a lot of space inside supermarket shelves or in home pantries. In contrast, products packaged with flexible packaging save a lot of space.

The ample space devoted to graphics on the flexible packaging makes it possible to communicate to consumers the information that is mandatory according to current regulations, thus the origin of the product, the expiration date, the storage method, and any allergens. However, the flexible pouch is suitable because with its graphics it captures the consumer's attention by focusing on the emotional sphere. Flexible packaging, thanks to its modern and innovative nature lends itself to extending its communicative power even through QR code printing by offering a virtual parallel world with extra content. 


Customizable pouches, in short runs and fast turnaround times 


With Packstyle, flexible packaging for coffee is entirely customizable: once you have chosen the shape, size and material, you can let your creativity run wild and upload, thanks to the template on the site, your own graphics, or turn to the team of experts for advice and proposals.(see our contact page) Different coffee blends can be easily distinguished through different colors, patterns or graphics, and the multi-graphics service is conveniently handled as if it were a single order. Thanks to digital printing, flexible coffee packaging is customizable and ready very quickly, with deliveries starting from 6 working days. It is possible to order from a minimum of 50 pieces, so as to avoid waste, stock accumulation and incentivize more advanced marketing actions such as limited editions, or special packaging. 


Flexible packaging is environmentally conscious


Sustainability is a key factor in consumers' purchasing choices, and for coffee, communicating your brand's environmental awareness is increasingly important and crucial in business strategies, considering how much this can influence purchasing behavior.

Packstyle packaging meets this need with recyclable materials, such as recyclable film and paper. In addition, the paper used is sourced from forests that are managed under strict social and economic environmental standards, and the electricity supplied by ForGreen group, an energy operator that offers energy totally from renewable sources.

Packstyle provides its customers with official logos for pouch disposal and encourages reuse of its packaging, which can serve as a refill thanks to its sturdy structure and refillable zipper accouterments. In addition, Packstyle pouches are all manufactured in Italy, following strict standards in terms of management, safety and environmental regulations.