Graphic modification: Style my Pack



Modify your packaging together with our graphic designers and get the changes you need to renew and update your envelopes. Tell us everything you want to change or add and we will provide you with the graphic file ready for printing. 🪄This service is ideal for:

Creating limited editions, adapting graphics to seasons or holidays, creating designs suitable for multi-graphics, changing outdated information quickly, adapting a graphic to a new format.

🪄How it works:

  1. Add this service to your shopping cart and complete your purchase
  2. We will ask you to provide us with the source graphic file and notify us of the changes you wish to make
  3. Receive the updated file and review it with our technicians
  4. Insert the final file in the "upload file" area

🪄 What you can ask for: Adaptation of a graphic file to a new format, changes and replacements of logos, colours, images, text, symbols, environmental labelling, pagination in the print template, insertion of technical colours (such as White), arrangement of logos and graphic elements in low resolution. Want to know more? Discover the 'Style my pack' service here