Make your pleasure last longer by storing it with Packstyle

Flexible packaging protects any type of food by holding it in pouches of various shapes and sizes. Whether fatty, acidic or alcoholic, your product will no longer fear spoilage, waste or anonymity! You will be able to stand out by personalising your packaging, making it speak of your product and your story, making it unique.


They provide a total barrier to light by preventing the degradation of surface oils.


The EVOH barrier, found in recyclable film and paper bags, blocks oxygen from entering the packaging, preventing oxidation of food, such as meat and sausages, while aluminium bags naturally have this barrier.


The water vapour barrier keeps foods such as crisps, crackers and biscuits crisper and preserves the texture of powders such as flour or spices. The convenient resealable and airtight zip allows the fragrance to be preserved even after the first use.


Fresh cheeses and roasted coffee as if they were freshly made thanks to the degassing valve that allows the naturally generated carbon dioxide to escape, preventing spoilage of the bag and the food.

Our pouches are suitable for many uses, here are some examples

Keeping it crunchy

Keeping it crunchy

Crispy products are sensitive to moisture, which changes their fragrance. Aluminium or paper and film bags, including recyclable ones with an EVOH barrier, are the most suitable solution.

Preserving flavours at their best

Preserving flavours at their best

Packstyle's flexible packaging preserves fresh food, raw materials and processed products, while maintaining their aromas and organoleptic properties.

For storing frozen food

For storing frozen food

Packstyle packaging is made of materials suitable for low temperatures to prevent contamination inside the freezer.

For food-friendly packaging

For food-friendly packaging

Flexible packaging in large and small sizes that can be used and re-used thanks to the re-sealable zip.

Among the possible combinations here is what we recommend for your food...

Aluminium doypack

With reclosable zip

Excellent colour rendering


Paper aluminium doypack


Protects against moisture

Stands on shelves

Recyclable film doypack

Transparent window

Reclosable zip

Soft touch finish

Doypack in film riciclabile metallizzato




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Lorenzo Cogo sceglie il packaging Packstyle per le sue zuppe Loco

Chef Lorenzo Cogo has chosen Packstyle's food doypack pouches for his gourmet soups

Mon, May 13, 2024

Packstyle has always been about more than simply producing flexible packaging according to customers' needs, listening to their requests and responding in a timely manner to find the tailor-made solution for their product. Packstyle continues to closely follow their stories even after the pack of pouches has arrived at its destination. Listening to the experiences of those who have chosen our products always makes us discover something new and seeing their unique and innovative projects realised fills us with pride. As has happened with our other customers, today we tell you the story of an extraordinary culinary talent who chose Packstyle packaging for his prestigious project: Lorenzo Cogo.

Mamasili: African biodiversity excellence preserved in Packstyle packaging

Mon, May 13, 2024

Today's interview takes us to the evocative atmospheres of the African continent, a place that Franco Emilio Risso, founder of Mamasili, a physical and virtual retailer of excellent food products of African biodiversity, knows well. 

All food is safe if the packaging protects it proper: the food safety.

Mon, May 13, 2024

doypack: food safety

ECOTROPHELIA ITALIA: Packstyle also supports the young students of the ITS-EAT Eccellenza Agroalimentare Toscana Foundation

Mon, May 13, 2024

The Valpiù project won third place out of 2000 projects in the ECOTROPHELIA Italia competition organised by Federalimentare with the scientific sponsorship of ENEA, dedicated to eco-innovation in the development of sustainable consumer products.

An important role for food packaging: protecting and preserving

Food packaging, compared to other forms of packaging, in order for it to perform properly its function, must follow its own scrupulous rules. It is a fundamental aspect that no product can give up, an indispensable ally to accompany basic necessities from production to sale to use, in the home kitchen or professional kitchens. Thanks to the packaging of food, through packaging, food is protected from the external environment and the organoleptic properties are preserved, so as to assure consumers of the characteristics of the fresh product.

Food packaging ensures freshness, integrity and preservation for extended periods of time, thanks to the features of Packstyle packaging, which efficiently and effectively meets the needs of producers and customers while preserving the quality of the food unaltered.

Good packaging allows food to be preserved until the time of consumption in an intact manner. For this reason, packaging must be made of materials, non-toxic and compatible with the products with which they come in contact.

Good packaging resists trauma and tampering, preventing the entry of gases and

odors or deterioration of the contents.

Packstyle's proposal for the food industry


Packstyle flexible packaging is certified for food contact.

It is available in doypack format (link doypack stand up page) or flat pouch version (link flat pouch) and in various sizes to meet the needs of single-serve manufacturers, up to larger sizes used for refills or family packs.

The materials (link materials). offered are film, recyclable film, recyclable paper, aluminum, and aluminum combined with paper 

Three different finishes are available: glossy, matte and soft touch, and it is also possible to add accessories such as euro hole, degassing valve and resealable zipper to the pouches, or a transparent window can be affixed to the front of the pack to show the inside. 

To best preserve the food inside, aluminum pouches are naturally provided with a barrier against moisture, oxygen, aroma and light. As for pouches made of other materials, an EVOH barrier is placed inside them that performs the same functions while preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the stored food product.

All pouches are heat sealable to prevent the contents from leaking out, are suitable for vacuum or protected atmosphere packaging, and are resealable so that they can also preserve products that are not consumed at once.

Packstyle pouches also allow for sterilization heat treatments for proper storage of specific foods. 

The importance of sustainability

For companies that also want to emphasize their sustainable choices through packaging, recyclable materials such as recyclable film and recyclable paper are available. In addition, the paper oiled by Packstyle comes from forests or plantations managed under strict social and economic environmental standards. Packstyle uses solvent-free inks, and for those who need them, the graphics department is ready to recommend solutions involving small quantities. For all pouches also Packstyle provides official logo graphics for the proper disposal of the materials that make up the pouch. (See our contact page)

The advantages of Packstyle packaging


Packstyle packaging is suitable for dry foods, such as pasta, rice, or cookies that retain their texture without moisture making them soft. It is suitable for cheese and dairy products in general that are quite delicate because they need to be protected from odors, microorganisms and oxidation. Due to the strength of the materials and heat sealing, Packstyle flexible packaging is suitable for storing liquids, such as sauces or even beverages.

As for coffee, Packstyle packaging offers optimal solutions for the powder or beans to preserve all their aroma, especially, the degassing valve allows the gases created by the coffee to escape from the packaging but without letting in moisture or other external agents.

The flexible structure, attractive design, and customization make it an innovative food packaging with a high ability to make itself recognizable and thus attract and retain customers.


Flexible packaging therefore proves to be a packaging with multiple advantages: it is light, it adapts to the shape of its contents taking up less space, it is sustainable, it is suitable for food preservation, even those that require special care, it preserves for a long time preserving the organoleptic characteristics of food, it is robust and safe, and it can be used as a refill.

With Packatyle the advantages are added for flat pouches and doypack pouches are fully customizable with your own graphics or with the help of the graphics department, also if you have more than one product line, Packstyle handles multi-graphics in one order. Delivery times are very short, starting from 6 working days, and minimum orders are only 50 pieces, allowing even the smallest companies to invest on professional and neat packaging without affecting economically. Small print runs also avoid the accumulation of stock that many times goes unused, resulting in economic and environmental waste. (See our Faqs)