Infusions and spices

Infusions and spices

Fragrant, colourful and exotic. Our pouches keep them that way, ensuring their vibrancy and fragrance.

Infusions and spices add flavour to dishes and drinks thanks to their powerful but fragile taste. Their ability to release aromas and fragrances depends on their delicate storage. Light, heat and humidity are the main enemies of these categories of products, which risk drying out and oxidising the fragments of herbs and roots. Packstyle is well aware of their weak points and knows how to take care of the preservation of these products.


Aluminium and aluminium paper materials block light, preserving the organoleptic qualities of infusions and spices.


Thanks to the re-sealable packaging, there is no need to change the container after the first opening: the zip makes the product last longer, avoiding waste.


The plastic film, the recyclable film, and the recyclable paper have an EVOH barrier that isolates the environment inside the bag from oxygen and moisture.


All our materials are perfect for preserving the fragrance and texture of any infusion or spice.

Our pouches are suitable for many uses, here are some examples

Communicating each fragrance

Communicating each fragrance

Use our multi-graphic service and communicate the diversity of each of your infusions by varying both small details and the entire design of your packaging, at no extra cost.

Displaying the product

Displaying the product

Colour and vibrancy are unique characteristics of spices and infusions, don't hide them! Show them off by using a transparent window, which is available on all our film materials.

To tell your story

To tell your story

Spices and infusions come from distant lands and have fascinating stories and traditions. Tell them by customising your graphics.

Keeping it fresh

Keeping it fresh

Provide your packaging with a resealable zip to preserve the qualities of your infusions and spices and avoid waste.

Among the possible combinations, here is what we suggest for your infusions...

Film doypack with window

Transparent window

Reclosable zip

Soft touch finish

Recyclable paper doypack




Doypack in film riciclabile


Blocks moisture

It is possible to create a transparent window

Busta piatta in film riciclabile metallizzato




undefined Infusions and spices

Mamasili: African biodiversity excellence preserved in Packstyle packaging

Mon, May 13, 2024

Today's interview takes us to the evocative atmospheres of the African continent, a place that Franco Emilio Risso, founder of Mamasili, a physical and virtual retailer of excellent food products of African biodiversity, knows well. 

Mamasili: African biodiversity excellence preserved in Packstyle packaging

Fri, Jul 28, 2023

Today's interview takes us to the evocative atmospheres of the African continent, a place that Franco Emilio Risso, founder of Mamasili, a physical and virtual retailer of excellent food products of African biodiversity, knows well. 

With Packstyle customize your flexible packaging for you herbal teas and spices, protecting their scent!

Preservation of a delicate product

The storage of spices, teas, herbal teas and inflorescences is very delicate. Many of these products have a long expiration date, but with unsuitable packaging they may lose their aroma, flavor and the integrity of their active ingredients. It is therefore essential to preserve the integrity of its active ingredients in order to always have a quality product available.

Above all, it is moisture, exposure to light, air and shocks that are the main enemies of dried herbs, whether tea, herbal tea, spices or inflorescences. 

The ideal packaging for this category must therefore prevent the buildup of moisture that promotes the formation of mold and mildew, which would permanently alter the aroma and functionality of the herbs, and also avoid sunlight, which gradually causes the potency of the aroma and the effectiveness of the principles to be lost.

The ideal packaging also needs to be well sealed and sturdy to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the products and of adequate size so that there is the right amount of oxygen inside and the spices, should they be whole, do not risk being crushed.


The characteristics of Packstyle packaging 


Packstyle packaging is suitable for storing dried herbs in the best possible way because all pouches are certified for food contact. It is available in the flat pouch version, for small quantities, and in the doypack pouch version , with a larger volume for larger quantities of product or for whole products with a larger size.

A variety of materials are available: film, recyclable film, recyclable paper, paper and aluminum and aluminum

All materials are high-barrier, with an EVOH inner layer that provides excellent protection against oxygen, carbon dioxide, and aromas; especially, pouches with an aluminum layer offer excellent moisture protection, exceptional impact properties, and high protection against UV and aromas.

The pouches can have a matte, glossy or soft touch finish, and accessories such as degassing valve, eurohole and resealable zipper are also available. 

Transparent windows can also be affixed to the doypack pouches in a simple process, explained through a tutorial on the website, to show buyers the product inside the pouches. 

The flexible packaging is also suitable for vacuum and protected atmosphere packaging.


For example, packaging for cannabis inflorescence, which is a dry, resinous product must protect it from light and moisture to preserve all the product's aromas and properties.

Packaging for spices is meant to guard it from oxygen and moisture so that its "smell" reaches the consumer, as is packaging for tea and herbal teas. 



One packaging, many functions


Flexible packaging is modern packaging that appeals to consumers on several fronts: this type of packaging allows products to be stored perfectly, plus the package is easy to open, does not get dirty, and the brand name of the products is clearly visible. Traditional cardboard packaging or classic plastic and glass containers take up a lot of space inside supermarket shelves or in home pantries. In contrast, products packaged with flexible packaging save a lot of space.

The ample space devoted to graphics on flexible packaging makes it possible to communicate mandatory information to consumers according to current regulations, thus the product's origin, expiration date, storage method, and any allergens. However, the flexible pouch is suitable because with its graphics it captures the consumer's attention by focusing on the emotional sphere. Flexible packaging, thanks to its modern and innovative nature lends itself to extending its communicative power even through QR code printing by offering a virtual parallel world with extra content. 

With Packstyle, flexible packaging is fully customizable: once you have chosen the shape, size and material, you can let your creativity run wild and upload, thanks to the template on the site, your own graphics, or turn to the team of experts for advice and proposals. (see contact page). Different product lines can be easily distinguished through different colors, patterns or graphics, and the multi-graphics service is conveniently handled as if it were a single order. Thanks to digital printing, flexible packaging is customizable and ready very quickly, with deliveries starting from 6 working days. It is possible to order from a minimum of 50 pieces, so as to avoid waste, stock accumulation and incentivize more advanced marketing actions such as limited editions, or special packaging.



Communicating your brand's sustainability 


Sustainability is a key factor in consumers' purchasing choices and, communicating one's brand's environmental focus is increasingly important and crucial in business strategies, considering how much this can influence purchasing behavior.

Packstyle packaging meets this need with recyclable materials, such as recyclable film and paper. In addition, the paper used is sourced from forests that are managed under strict social and economic environmental standards, and the electricity supplied by ForGreen group, an energy operator that offers energy totally from renewable sources.

Packstyle provides its customers with official logos for pouch disposal and encourages reuse of its packaging, which can serve as a refill thanks to its sturdy structure and refillable zipper accouterments. In addition, Packstyle pouches are all manufactured in Italy, following strict standards in terms of management, safety and environmental regulations.