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Flat pouches

Space-saving solutions for products that are always in focus

Whether empty or full, flat pouches, with their ductility, take up very little space. They fit perfectly to the shape and type of content, avoiding any waste of space. Thanks to their lightness and flexibility they are easy to carry and, if equipped with the practical hole, they decorate the displays giving a touch of personality to your store.

Light and flexible






Measure your needs, choose your size

4,5x13 (cm)
6 x 24 ( cm)
6 x 24 ( cm)
8x11 (cm)
15x17 (cm)
19x27 (cm)
30x35 (cm)

A small detail, a big difference: choose your finish

Glossy finish

To let your product shine on the shelf, choose the glossy finish! The gloss effect makes the colours bright and saturated, for an excellent graphic effect.

Matt finish

You can make your pouches stand out in style by using the elegant modernity of the matt finish! For a premium and sophisticated effect.

Soft touch finish - flat pouch

Elegance can be seen and felt! The soft touch finish makes your packaging look stylish and smooth: it feels like touching soft velvet.



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Packstyle flat pouches: the flexible and customizable packaging



Flexible packaging has been widely used in recent years for a variety of features that make it a very versatile, convenient, safe and sustainable packaging. 

Considering its entire life cycle, flexible packaging is the most environmentally friendly packaging because, due to its light weight, C02 emissions to the environment are lower than other types of packaging in the production, transportation, and disposal phases. (See our sustainability page)


Flat pouches, materials, sizes and finishes 

Flat pouches, specifically, are lightweight, space-saving packaging that can be hung on displays or on walls. They are perfect for small, or medium-sized or flat products, for samples, or for packaging inside a box or in a vending machine. 

They are available in different combinations of sizes and materials, and like all Packstyle packaging, are highly customizable graphically and can be fitted with additional accessories.

In terms of size, Packstyle pouches are available in four versions: 8x11; 15x17; 19x27; 30x35.

While the materials available are: film, recyclable film, recyclable paper, paper and aluminum and aluminum.

Gloss and matte finishes are available for film and aluminum pouches, while only for film pouches you can also have a soft touch finish that resembles the feel of touching velvet.

 In addition, one can choose to equip them with optional accessories.

The degassing valve, for example, is particularly suitable for foods such as coffee and cheese that produce gas to be expelled so as not to spoil the product.

The eurohole is indicated on flat pouches so that the packaged product can be hung on store displays.

The resealable zipper allows products that can be consumed multiple times to be stored inside.

In addition, an area can be left on the front of the transparent flat pouch to make the product contained inside visible.


Flat pouches with custom graphics


The design of the flat pouch is very simple and can be easily defined directly from the site, choosing the combination of size and material that best suits the product. In addition, to print on flexible packaging, Packstyle provides a template that facilitates this step. Tutorials on how to best perform these simple steps are available on the Packstyle website, and our graphics department is always available for any questions you may have about this. 


Customization of the flat pouch is very important because the more carefully crafted and specially designed a package is, the more credibility the product and brand will gain and attract the attention of the consumer. 


Packstyle provides the ability to create custom packaging in even short runs and with fast delivery thanks to the advantages of digital printing. Ordering a few pieces at competitive prices is an advantageous option because it allows for testing, i.e., experimentation without any particular economic risk, it allows for the avoidance of having a physical space to store packaging because small quantities can be ordered at a time, and it also avoids accumulation or waste if the packaging is no longer suitable because it carries invalid wording.

The possibility of using short runs goes to small and medium-sized companies or start-ups that need to position their product in the market and activate competitive marketing strategies, such as diversified lines or seasonal limited editions.



Flexible packaging is versatile 


In addition to being lightweight, sustainable, and practical, flexible packaging is also very versatile and can contain products from a variety of commodity sectors within it: food and petfood, coffee, tea, infusions and spices, liquids, objects and costume jewelry, cosmetics and detergents, clothing, drugs and supplements

While for some types of products, there are no special regulations for preservation, for others, such as those in the food, cosmetics , and pharmaceuticals and supplements sectors, the aesthetic function of the packaging is side by side with its protective and preservation function.

Packstyle pouches, have an EVOH layer inside them that does not allow the entry of oxygen, moisture and water vapor that would spoil the contents. In addition, the aluminum ones naturally have a light barrier, which is suitable for the preservation of certain foods.

Packstyle pouches are also suitable for vacuum and protected atmosphere packaging.


All Packstyle pouches can serve as refills once the contents are used up, the smaller ones can become convenient snack sachets to keep in your bag, and the larger ones can be useful for better organizing your suitcases. Recyclable film and recyclable paper pouches can be sorted at the waste disposal stage. (See our sustainability page)

Flexible packaging is a form of packaging that appeals to consumers because of the characteristics listed above, concern for the environment, light weight, versatility, convenience, and also because it is a modern form of packaging.