Metallised Recyclable Film

Metallised Recyclable Film

The new metallised recyclable film is an environmentally friendly product that at the same time keeps all the protective characteristics of aluminium and its barriers: it protects the contents from gases and moisture and offers a high barrier to light. This excellent performance is enhanced by the eco-sustainable spirit of this material, which has passed the recyclability test carried out by Interseroh+ with distinction, conforming to European standards.

Powdered foods

Blocks oxygen
Blocks moisture
It is recyclable
Preserves aromas
Protects from light


BOPP from 25 to 38 my

This polypropylene layer guarantees excellent colour and tactile performance in gloss, matt and soft touch finishes. In addition, its chemical composition enhances the functional barrier against gas and moisture, providing strength and resistance to the pouch.


18 my metalized barrier PP

Is a metallised polypropylene layer that provides gas and light barriers and preserves flavours. It also offers an excellent moisture barrier.


80 my Cast PP

Polypropylene acts as a moisture barrier layer and as a sealing layer. This polymer is guaranteed for healthy and safe contact with food.

Food contact compliance

Our metallised single-material recyclable film packaging is suitable for any food product. It guarantees optimal storage for more than 6 months at room temperature or below and can be heated up to 70°C for up to 2 hours or up to 100°C for up to 15 minutes. In addition, in cooperation with the Italian Espresso Institute (IEI), the packaging's reliability was tested: some pouches, containing coffee, travelled in Korea subjecting themselves to extreme changes in pressure and temperature. The results revealed the material's ability to preserve the product's original sensory profiles.


The new metallised film underwent recyclability testing by the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging through Interseroh+, a leading German certification body that works with the European community to set recyclability standards. This metallised film has obtained the recyclability certificate with the 'Made for Recycling' label, achieving an excellent result. Below you can download the relevant certificate nr 2903.




Matt finish

You can make your pouches stand out in style by using the elegant modernity of the matt finish! For a premium and sophisticated effect.

Glossy finish

To let your product shine on the shelf, choose the glossy finish! The gloss effect makes the colours bright and saturated, for an excellent graphic effect.

Soft touch finish

Elegance can be seen and felt! The soft touch finish makes your packaging look stylish and smooth: it feels like touching soft velvet.