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Doypack pouches

With doypack you always fall on your feet!

The doypack pouches are versatile and, only if necessary, wide. Thanks to the extendable bottom, in fact, they have a high capacity only when filled while, when empty, they remain flexible and compact to facilitate transport. They stand on their own and are the right choice to give a personal touch to the shelves. Practical and eco-friendly, they protect your product, the environment and decorate any exhibition space.

Light and flexible






Measure your needs and choose your format

8x13+5 (cm)
9x16+6 (cm)
11x19+7 (cm)
13x22+7 (cm)
15x25+7 (cm)
17x17+8 (cm)
17x27+8 (cm)
19x19+11 (cm)
19x26+11 (cm)
24x31+10 (cm)
26x31+10 (cm)

A small detail, a big difference: choose your finish

Glossy finish

To let your product shine on the shelf, choose the glossy finish! The gloss effect makes the colours bright and saturated, for an excellent graphic effect.

Soft touch finish

Elegance can be seen and felt! The soft touch finish makes your packaging look stylish and smooth: it feels like touching soft velvet.

Matt finish

You can make your pouches stand out in style by using the elegant modernity of the matt finish! For a premium and sophisticated effect.

Sometimes inspiration needs a helping hand to create unique packaging!


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Packstyle: create your own personalized doypacks in short runs



Packaging: protects, preserves and communicates


The main purpose of packaging has always been to keep the product intact from producer to consumer.

Goods during transportation, handling and storage are at risk of damage, and so the role of packaging is critical in protecting the product from moisture, light, heat and other external factors.

But we know that packaging cannot be limited only to the role of "protector" of goods but plays a crucial role in enhancing the shopping experience and, consequently, brand recognition. 

Moreover, successful packaging is able to tell the values behind the product, so in essence it is not only a tool for protecting the product, but is also a tool for communicating the company's values and the great benefits that the product itself brings to the consumer.

This is precisely why today there is an increasing focus on packaging, an increasingly sought-after and user-friendly tool.

Flexible packaging meets these needs because in addition to being safe and sturdy packaging, it is modern packaging that captures the attention of consumers.



The Packstyle proposal

Packstyle offers in addition to flat pouches, doypack pouches available in 6 sizes: 8x13+5cm; 9x16+6cm; 13x22+7cm; 15x25+7cm; 17x27+8cm and 22x29+12.5cm. Compared to flat pouches, doypack pouches have a wide bottom that is suitable for accommodating contents of different shapes and nature and for standing on shelves. Smaller sizes are suitable for single-servings while larger sizes are suitable for family packs or refills.

Once you have chosen the size best suited for your product, you proceed by choosing the material. Packstyle provides doypack pouches in film, recyclable film, recyclable paper, paper and aluminum and aluminum . You can also choose from glossy, matte or soft touch finish. Doypack pouches can be enhanced with specific accessories, such as the degassing valve, suitable for cheeses and coffee that produce gases that must escape from the package without damaging it, the euro-hole, for hanging the pouches or the resealable zipper that facilitates product storage once opened. Also with an easy tutorial offered by our graphics team, a transparent window can be placed on the front of the pouch to make the contents of the pouch visible (see our Faqs)

Doypack pouches are fully customizable by easily uploading graphics using the site's templates. Should it be required, an experienced team is available for proposals and advice.


The advantages of ordering from Packstyle


The minimum order for Packstyle pouches is 50 pieces, which can be delivered as early as 6 business days after the order is received. In addition, if you have multiple graphics to load onto pouches of the same size and format, Packstyle handles the multi-graphics in one order, making the process easier for customers. (See our Faqs)

Being able to print even just a few pieces, quickly and at competitive prices allows Packstyle to help especially small and medium-sized businesses that need to have customized doypack pouches that look professional and reliable to consumers without affecting the bottom line. In addition, all these advantages also facilitate launches or marketing strategies that small and medium-sized companies usually cannot sustain and allows them to compete with big brands side by side on the same shelves!

Doypack pouches are ideal for containing, protecting and presenting a wide range of products, starting from food products to costume jewelry, miscellaneous items, cosmetics, drugs and supplements .

As for the food sector, which requires extra attention on the packaging front, doypack pouches are heat-sealable and therefore sturdy: they can also hold liquid products safely. 

They have an EVOH barrier inside them that protects the product from moisture, oxygen and light infiltration, preventing flavor dissipation and preserving food at the right point of freshness.

The extra volume offered by doypack pouches allows them to have a high capacity even in the smallest of sizes and to be displayed on shelves due to their ability to stand on their own.

The importance of sustainability


We know how much buyers are influenced by packaging in their purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to eco-sustainable packaging. In this case, Packstyle is very sensitive on the environmental front by offering pouches made of recyclable materials such as film and recyclable paper. In addition, the paper used comes from a forest or forest plantation managed under strict social and economic environmental standards. Packstyle provides companies with official disposal-related logos to affix to the pouch.

Flexible packaging has proven to be the one with the least environmental impact considering its entire lifecycle, plus by preserving the product inside for a long time, promoting reuse of the pouch, and avoiding waste by applying the resealable zipper, it is particularly attentive to promoting and encouraging sustainable behavior in discerning and conscious consumers.